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DJ and producer, Bagheera is a talented musician who has managed to bring people together through his music. He gained recognition through his distinctive mix style Deep House and Indie House, Bagheera crafts his music with enchanting melodies and a powerful rhythm. He created his own event brand named “Solenia” at Silencio Club, and worked as Artistic Director for the brands Babylon, Factory and La Terrasse.

Born and raised in Paris, architect, photographer and producer Bagheera is, above all, a creative individual.

Learning music theory through piano from a young age has allowed him to understand music and create live sets filled with energy and emotions. Rising star in the French deep house scene, Bagheera has journeyed across France before expanding his presence to Europe (Rome, London, Ibiza, Corsica, Milano and Madrid) and to Canada (Montreal) since 2022.

He has shared the stage with the most famous and respected artists such as Stephan Jolk (Afterlife), Nick Morgan (Rumors), Amémé, Maxi Meraki and Chris IDH, and performed in famous clubs such as Solum (Paris), Silencio (Paris & Ibiza), Bagatelle (Paris), Coya (Paris), Los Amantes (Madrid), Naos (Roma) in europe.

He is now already working on his own production by releasing his first EP in 2024.

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